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AeroSvit Airlines closed joint stock company, operating as AeroSvit — Ukrainian Airlines / АероСвіт, is one of the Ukrainian flag carriers. Its head office is on the grounds of Boryspil International Airport in Boryspil, Kiev Oblast, Ukraine. AeroSvit operates currently the largest network (among other Ukrainian carriers) of scheduled international flights, performing scheduled domestic and international services directly or by code share to over 72 destinations including long-haul international services to China, India, Thailand, Canada, USA, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, as well as charter services.
Aerosvit Airlines is a full member of IATA and an IATA IOSA certified carrier.
Its main base is Boryspil International Airport, Kiev.
The airline was established on 25 March 1994, and started operations in April 1994 with flights from Kiev to Tel Aviv, Odessa, Thessaloniki, Athens and Larnaca in co-operation with Air Ukraine. In October 1994, it started to dry-lease Boeing 737-200 aircraft as the network expanded to include flights to Moscow. It was the first[5] European passenger airline to use Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok.
In 1994 Aerosvit was first incorporated as a closed joint-stock company. Soon thereafter, scheduled flights from Kiev to Athens and Tel-Aviv were launched. These were soon followed by new scheduled flights to destinations in Greece and Cyprus. A significant milestone was reached in 1994 with the acquisition of the first Boeing 737-200 aircraft under operational lease. In the same year the airline's first flight on the Kiev-Athens route under its own code was performed. Soon after, in 1995, new scheduled flights from Kiev to Almaty, Ashgabad, and Riga were launched, thereby substantially expanding Aerosvit's route network and laying the foundations for it to become a transit airline. This was then supplemented, in 1996, by the addition of Yekaterinburg, Kharkiv, Lviv, and Simferopol to the airline's list of destinations, and the incorporation of Aerosvit as a full member of the IATA. By 1997 Aerosvit Airlines had become a member of IATA Clearing House and finally purchased its first Boeing 737-200 aircraft; this was then followed by further development of Aerosvit's network into the late 1990s. By 1999 Aerosvit had acquired a third Boeing 737-200 aircraft and scheduled flights to Budapest, Sofia and Istanbul were launched.
Post-millenium expansion and reorganisation
Aerosvit was the first Ukrainian airline to operate long-haul aircraft.
In the year 2000 two Boeing 737-300 aircraft joined Aerosvit Airlines’ fleet. Scheduled flights to Prague and Warsaw were launched, and Aerosvit Airlines carried more passengers than any other Ukrainian airline (over the calendar year). In 2002 a further three Boeing 737-500 aircraft were added to the airline's fleet and Ukraine's first long-haul Boeing 767-300ER aircraft operations were launched with the first destination being the Thai capital, Bangkok.
In 2011 Aerosvit adopted a new livery common to its Ukrainian Aviation Group sister companies.
In 2003 Aerosvit opened its first transatlantic service with scheduled flights, based on Boeing 767 equipment, to New York. In this year the airline also carried its second millionth passenger. Later in the year a further North American destination was added to Aerosvit's network with the opening of a route to Toronto, Canada. Soon after JAR-145 certification for performing in house maintenance works in accordance with the European Joint Aviation Authorities’ requirements was received. In this year, a connection to the Indian capital, Delhi, were also launched. With the onset of 2004 Aerosvit increased the number of weekly flights it operated to Bangkok to three and an additional Boeing 737-300 was added to the fleet. Route expansion continued as before, and over the course of the year the number of Aerosvit-operated domestic flights across Ukraine expanded to eleven destinations. However, expansion did not just take place on the domestic market, as Aerosvit introduced new routes from its base in Kiev, to Beijing, Baku, Chisinau, Cairo, and St. Petersburg. Finally, in 2004, Aerosvit Airlines became The official air carrier of the National Olympic team of Ukraine for the XXVIII Olympic Summer Games held in 2004 in Athens.
An Aerosvit 737 on stand at Birmingham Airport, England in 2006.
Aerosvit's ninth Boeing 737 mid-haul aircraft started operating in 2005, with a tenth being added to the fleet soon after. In the same year e-ticketing was launched on the route New York-Kiev and Aerosvit Airlines and Azerbaijan Airlines started code-sharing on the Kiev-Baku route. In 2006 Aerosvit was added to the IOSA register (IATA operational safety audit) and scheduled flights from Donetsk to Tel Aviv began. The launch of code share flights from Kiev to Vilnius (with flyLAL), in that year, coincided with the airline's celebration marking 6 million passengers carried within 12 years of operation. In 2007 the number of destination points from Ukraine to the United States (through New York with the cooperation of Delta Air Lines) increased dramatically, thus allowing onward travel to cities such as Los Angeles and Portland. It was in the same year that Aerosvit Airlines and Donbassaero began to build (at the initiative of their joint main shareholder Privat Group) the strategic alliance Ukrainian Aviation Group. Also, in this year, the fleet was supplemented with a third long haul aircraft Boeing 767 and eleventh and twelfth mid-range Boeing 737s, whilst the start of code share flights with Belavia on the Kiev-Minsk route took place. The final important milestones for Aerosvit in 2007 came when the airline began selling tickets through its own website ( and signed a contract with Boeing for delivery of 14 Boeing 737-800 Next Generation aircraft starting in 2012.