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Табло аэропортов (Анг)
Спецпредложение (Анг)



Number of Passengers


Personal information


Our company has been operating on the passenger air transportation sales market since 2006.
Serious relation to business, successful organization of sales, qualified personnel and harmonious work of our team called us in a short time to become an agent of many international airlines and offer our clients flights to the directions covering almost all countries of the world.
Our mission is to satisfy constantly growing needs of our clients, providing them highest-level service and constantly expand the list associated services.
We constantly improve the technologies of our work and we are proud of our individual approach to each client.
The best award for us is the fact that our clients take advantage of our services again and again and recommend us to their friends.
Our advantages:
• Personal manager
• Selection of the most convenient route of your air flight
We will provide you with all the information necessary during your trip, e.g. selection of convenient connections and transfers, help you to pick up optimum tariffs and routes of your air flight, provide you with various reference information, which will make your flight not only fast and convenient but also affordable.
• Free delivery of air tickets within Tashkent
Our company carries out free-of-charge tickets delivery within Tashkent.
Delivery is carried out directly to the passenger by the courier.
This service allows our clients to save their time and operatively to make the decision on a departure.
• All forms of payment
We accept payments as by cash, so by plastic cards and wire transfers
• Information support on special offers
• CIP hall booking
Our company has signed an official agreement with the administration of the international airport "Tashkent" concerning usage of the CIP Hall for service of our passengers.
Concerning terms and cost of providing this service please contact our operators.